Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A sneak-peek at AFROTITI


Hebony sits cross legged on her bed. Her appearance has become even more regal: the sphinx is perched on a velvet cushion in her lap, her hands delicately folded on its head. Each of her movements is deliberate in their womanly efficacy, but not forced. Each "patron" that comes in kneels at the foot of the bed and asks a question. There's something servile about the way they approach her. One by one they file in, ultimately leaving with shocked looks on their faces and slaps on the back from the awaiting people.

DONNY, a straggly white boy in a forest green army jacket saunters over to Hebony and kneels down. Before he speaks he repositions his minuscule John Lennon sunglasses to the tip of his nose.


Aw man, Hebony, I don't know. I just do not know. I try. You know, I try, baby. But I can't make it happen. I can't live to my full...potential, ya dig? So how can I score some dough real quick?

Hebony smiles and tilts the sphinx so that she can look at its face. Her brows furrow. "Rien Ne Va Plus" by Funk Factory begins to play. Her eyes glaze over again.


A white cat preens itself in the center of a small room covered floor-to-ceiling with violet, velvet fabric. The cat is wearing a gold collar and necklace. On the floor surrounding it are gold coins and burning incense cones.

To the right of the cat a beautiful Egyptian woman wearing a gold dress reclines on her side, holding up a purple bunch of grapes. A second woman, dressed in the same manner, sits on the cat's other side, fanning it with a large palm frond. Both women stare straight ahead, their beauty heightened by the utter inaction of their features.


Hebony disengages her eyes from the sphinx. She grins at Donny, finding this vision particularly entertaining. He in turn takes off his sunglasses. Obviously, he anticipates an answer that transcends sagacity. His mouth is slightly agape.


Boy, you gotta embrace your inner feline. And I ain't talkin about foxy ladies and slick moves. I mean, you gotta find yourself a nice show cat, some real slammin' kitty to parade around and get some attention. Once you do you'll be swimmin' in so many Benjamin Franklins you'll wanna tell that fool to lay off.

I'm excited; are you!?

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