Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kenneth Anger's Missoni Video

I claim no knowledge about the current fashion world and it will most likely stay that way, but I just discovered that Kenneth Anger shot a video for Missoni's* fall/winter collection and had to check it out. Now I'm going to go and reread the Lupe Velez chapter in Hollywood Babylon.

*To prove my ignorance, I misspelled Missoni about 6 times in a row so that it became a hybrid of 'maraschino' and 'massimo'

That road's been trodden down

I made these nonsync videos when I was 15. Today was the first time I had watched them since that year. That was a period of major creative influx/me writing fan mail to Hettie Jones. I'm still in the thick of it really; a hyper-referential, soul-searching baby. AND I just googled the "best first motorcycles for women."

Zen Glister: Part 1.

Zen Glister: Part 2

Trance of Fame